Born in 1996 in South Korea, Jane Seohyeon Kim is an artist, textile designer, and fashion designer based in New York, NY. Her design is based on the multiculturalism that she experienced throughout her education in several cities such as Seoul, London, and NY. Enrolling in Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design to further develop her interest in the textile and fashion industry, Jane Seohyeon Kim worked with various designers where she acquired a stronger interest in developing textiles. That particular interest was to utilize and design with unordinary materials such as resin epoxy and silicon to create unique designs that represented her ideologies based on the different cultures that she experienced within fashion. To develop a more concrete foundation of her designer capabilities, Jane Seohyeon Kim wants to incorporate sustainable materials within her future works. 

     Throughout her fashion career, Jane Seohyeon Kim had the privilege to assist the head director of Oscar De La Renta Furs in NY. Upon completion of her post-secondary studies at Parsons in May 2020, Jane Seohyeon Kim is currently employed with the conceptual designer brand, MaxxiJ.